Designer & Maker

From a cottage style studio and workshop tucked away in the countryside of North Otago, New Zealand Tracey Vickers Design creates a collection of handmade products and art that have a focus on quality craftsmanship.

“As a sustainable and environmentally conscious designer I am focused on slowing down consumerism a little. I want to nudge people away from the lifestyle of trendy fast fashion/products for the benefit of our future.”

Design & Craftsmanship

TVD offers services and products that represent well-made craftsmanship and longevity. Manufacturing everything in her own studio and workshop. Owner and designer Tracey enjoys developing her skills and knowledge and is currently a volunteer at Nicol's Blacksmith Shop located at Duntroon in the South Island, NZ. Learning the art of being a Smithy at an old authentic forge.

Upholstery & Furnishings

TVD provides furniture upholstery and restoration as well as custom furnishings for the home. Tracey has an affinity for vintage furniture and an obsession with fabric and sewing.

"In today's throw away culture it's rewarding to transform old furniture into something that will be treasured again."

Art & Illustration

Tracey has always enjoyed art/drawing and as a designer considers it to be an essential skill. She never chose art as a subject throughout her school years and considers herself a mostly
self-taught artist "I've always preferred to draw by hand rather than using a computer"

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